Veg pulao in marathi recipes

+green peaspulao / matar pulao(one pot meal...;)

Matar/Green Peas Pulao(One Pot Meal): Weekend's somehow make me feel weak in the knees to eat rice...i feel real..

Lal bhopla raita | kaddu raita marathi style|tambda bhoplyacha raite

..s pumpkin,lal means red, & raita is a  salad made with veggies and dahi /curd/yoghurt difference between bhari..

Lal bhopla bharit | kaddu bharta marathi style|tambda bhoplyacha bharit

Lal Bhopla  bharit is a typical marathi dish .bhopla means pumpkin,lal means red, & bharit is a mashed salad. If..

Thoodhuvalai rasam | herbal rasam

..ting  this herbal rasam instead...... I usually buy vegetables and fruits from the farmer's market near my house..

Vaangi bhath/egg plant rice

..Iron.Somehow or other my kids kept on looking at this vegetable as an  enemy.I wanted to include all the veget..

A very fine finely chopped food walk

..rom the Punjab; coconutty prawn curries from Kerala; vegetarian thalis from Gujurat; Irani influenced Parsi berry..

Masoor pulao | black akkhe masoor pulav| kale masoor ka pilaf

Masoor Pulao…. one of the rare pulaos which I saw in a marathi cookery show.. The taste of the p..

Tel poli |marathi tel poli

..ecipe - Hotel style home made without oven- stove top 5.Veg paneer kathi roll 6. Paneer Korma Mixed vegetabl..

Varan bhat recipe |marathi goda varan ani bhaat | plain maharashtrian toor dal rice

..,lemon,red mango pickle & fried papad.I dont need any vegetable with this combination. Varan (sweet dal) is a si..

Pirandai thuvayal / pirandai chutney

..a side dish to rice when you need a change or out of vegetables or just enjoy it for its medicinal value. P - Pi..


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