Vegetable soup in tamil language recipes

'that' chicken soup the northwest, this climate is no surprise. I need soup, soothing soup, for my soul and for my cold :..

Mughlai egg curry

..g to some historians, comes from the word kari which in Tamil language, in South India means sauce. Kari i..

Okra dosa ( thin indian crepes using okras )

..igerian origin and is cognate with ọkwurụ in the Igbo language spoken in Nigeria.  Okra is often known as "lady'..

Tomato rasam recipe|easy thakalli rassam| instant tomato rasam without dal

Rasam or Saaru is a South Indian soup, traditionally prepared using tamarind juice as a base, with the addition ..

Eating my way through chennai

.. in India. It is also the capital of the southern state Tamil Nadu. Tamil is the state's official langu..


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