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Xacuti Paneer Coconut Biryani

XacutiPaneerCoconutBiryani is a fusion dish with coconutbiryani and paneer gravy that tries to blend the Goan sentiments into one dish
Eggless Orange Tutti Frutti Cake

Eggless Orange Tutti Frutti Cake

This is an eggless version too. This is an easy cake recipe with tuttifrutti(candied fruits) and fresh orange juice
Orange Chiffon  Cake

Orange Chiffon Cake

Orangechiffoncakeisaverylightcakemadewithvegetableoil, eggs,sugar,flour,bakingpowder,orangejuiceandorangezest

Eggless Orange Creamsicle Cake

This egglessorangecreamsiclecake combines the fresh, citrusy flavours and aromas marking the onset of spring and warmer weathers
Indonesian Chilli Egg

Indonesian Chilli Egg

This month the challenge was indonesian cooking. In a pan boil tomato,garlic,chillies and shallots for few minutes
Eggless Vanilla Tea Cake

Eggless Vanilla Tea Cake

Vanilla flavored teacakes or pound cakes are my kids favorite and used to make it often. Add in the vanilla extract and mix it well


I think this variety of chili used in my STUFFEDCHILLIPICKLE is the Carmen Italian Sweet Chilli Pepper

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