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Mixed Vegetable Pulao

Mixed Vegetable Pulao

I have already posted one version of mixed veg pulao where I have used the microwave to partially cook the veggies and then used an electric rice cooker to cook the pulao
Nihari Gosht | How to make Mutton Nihari

Nihari Gosht | How to make Mutton Nihari

NihariGosht. In the meantime you can make and enjoy my way of preparing Nihari. The word Nihari. So this Bakreed I made up my mind tomake it at home and revive the old memory and the result was so good that I feel like going back to Karim's and check again on their taste, hope it happens soon

Mutton Biryani

Traditional south Indian style Muttonbiryani made with Jeera Samba rice and Indian aromatic spices, an easy version of making Muttonbiryani with simple ingredients

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