60 Healthy Gluten Free Recipes for Kids
My little moppet
My little moppet
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  • 60 Healthy Gluten Free Recipes for Kids
  • 8. If the kids are tired of all the upmas and dosas, give them a break with this filling and tasty Egg Breakfast Casserole from Leelalicious. With potatoes, eggs and veggies, it
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  • 13. These Millet Pancakes from the Gluten Free Homemaker are super nutritious, what with the Sorghum and Millet flours and almond milk. Just stack them up and eat with fruit and honey
  • 14. With lots of nutrients, barnyard millet is an ideal grain to include in the diet of kids with gluten intolerance. This Barnyard Millet Pesarattu is simple enough to make and enjoy on busy mornings.
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  • 17. It can be hard getting toddlers to eat dry fruit, so instead, try this Dry Fruit Balls recipe. Packed with dates, almonds and cashews, these pack quite a punch
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  • 24. These Jowar Balls are lightly crispy on the outside and beautifully soft inside
  • 25. These Curd Fritters are completely free from wheat, using rice flour instead as a coating. They
  • 27. These No Bake Banana Bread Bites from The Big Mans World are super easy to make and will have the kids asking for seconds and thirds
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  • 29. Kids giving a tough time with eating veggies
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  • 38. If the paneer tikka is a tad too spicy for your little one, go for this Flavored Paneer recipe instead. It
  • 39. Only the queen of cooking Tarla Dalal could come up with a scrumptious recipe that
  • 40. Get some protein power in your little champion
  • 42. This Masala Jowar Roti from Smitha Kalluraya looks yummy and filling
  • 44. When you have a fussy eater at home, a one pot dish with everything included is your best bet to make sure they have a balanced meal. This Vegetable Nut Pulao from GK Food Diary checks all the right boxes and is gluten free
  • 46. You may not associate a healthy ingredient like ragi with dessert, but the truth is that this Ragi Flakes Kheer is absolutely delectable
  • 49. Get the benefits of dry fruit and finger millet with these Ragi Flakes and Dates Laddus. These are positively addictive, so you
  • 50. The Thrifty Diva has a delicious looking Microwave Chocolate Fudge recipe that looks absolutely melt
  • 51. Every busy Mom loves the word
  • 53. These Ragi Balls are so yummy they
  • 54. Have you tried a banana payasam before
  • 56. This Raw Kerala Banana Halwa is a rather unique recipe and a mouthwatering one too



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