Aam Panna Recipe | Aam ka Panna Recipe| Kairi Panna
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  • 1. It has lots of heat resistant properties and is best to drink during intense heat.
  • 2. It also helps in bringing back the lost salts due to sweating.
  • 3. It is rich in iron and vitamin C and best to consume if anaemic.
  • 4. It is so healing for the stomach and it keeps our tummy cool if consumed during scorching heat.
  • 5. It works best for indigestion and gastrointestinal disorders.
  • 6. It prevents diarrhea which is quite common in summers due to the intense heat.
  • 15 mins Cook time
  • 30 mins Total time
  • 45 mins A healthy summer drink made using raw mangoes and the drink has spicy and tangy flavor due to all the spices added into the chilled drink
  • 3 medium size raw mangoes



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