Anjal Tawa Fried(Hotel Narayana Style)
Kudpiraj's Garam Tawa
Kudpiraj's Garam Tawa
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  • 12/- and a Mackerel Rs.
  • 15/-. Once I had the taste of that wonderful spicy delicacy, there was no looking back, and every alternate day I started going there for lunch. The old setup had limited seating in the hall and a small side room. We have even occupied the table meant for the owner
  • 6/-. The fried fish had a crusty coat with the powdery crumbled masala they collected from the frying pan. Later on, the crumbled masala had more demand and some people even used to ask for little bit of that to mix with the steamed rice for consumption. Within a few years, say in the early Nineties I tried my hand for the first time to make this fried fish at home. I knew a fisher
  • 1. This is not authentic recipe from Hotel Narayana. This is formulated by me to arrive at the close taste of what we eat there. For authentic tawa fried fish, visit the Hotel.2. Shallow pan should not be too thick. Too thick pans result in the fish steaks or masala settle down and stick to the bottom of the pan, making it difficult to remove them.3. All through the process of frying, ensure that the temperature of oil remains steady by controlling the flame between sim, medium and high.4. Use a wooden
  • 5. If the fish gets fried faster, remove it first and then the crumbs, and if crumbs form first, keep collecting them with the mesh ladle, so that they don
  • 7. You may add a pinch of hing to suit your taste, though Narayana



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