Apple Delight 🍎

Apple Delight 🍎

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  • 3/4 or an apple
  • Milk half glass (increase accordingly)
  • Water half glass (increase r decrease accordingly)
  • Honey 1tsp
  • Elachi 1 or 2 pod's seeds
  • Flaxseed powder 1 1/2 tsp
  • Overnight Soaked Ingredients
  • Almonds 4 nos ( or walnuts 2nos)
  • Dates 2 nos (chop to small pieces)
  • Dried black grapes 5 nos (chop to small pieces)


    1. Soak almonds, dates, black grapes overnight so that it will be easy to blend them.

    2. Now in a blender jar.. Add all the ingredients except milk and water.

    3. Blend the apple mixture well and add milk and water and blend them well to a smooth texture.

    4. Adjust the level of thickness using water. Too much of milk can make the smoothie very thick.

    5. Transfer it to a smoothie bottle or to a glass. Preferably chill it and drink.

    6. Tadaaa!! Now your all set to have yr delightful apple drink :)

    Tips: I used raw milk for the chillness( plus was lazy). It is always recommended to use boiled milk. Choice of nuts are yours although i dont no hw d walnuts wld taste.


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