Easy cooking
Easy cooking
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  • 2 cups grated
  • 2 cups of rice 2
  • 3 hours drain them out, spread them in a kitchen clean towel, let them sit for 10
  • 3. Add very little amount of water, approx i add less than
  • 4. I used good quality jaggery, there is no dirt in it.. if you have dirt, then strain it once and again boil it in medium flame..first they form a runny texture..
  • 6. When you get the drop lets, check it in a bowl water, it won
  • 7. And you can roll the ball in your finger.. this is for the satisfaction, but once it form like a mass, all done.. here is the masa masa and yeallaki... powder the yeallaki, and set aside..
  • 8. Take out the Jaggery syrup and add the fine flour to it, mix them well.. slowly add the flour little by little..
  • 9. Add the Coarse powder, yellaki powder, kasakasa and dmix them well..
  • 10. Here all the things get together in, without any clumps.. and close it with a kitchen clean towel, or muslin cloth,
  • 11. Now Heat the kadai with oil, grease your hands with little oil and ping a bit from the prepared dough, it should come without sticking your hand, in the mean time grease a plastic sheet with some oil and form a doughnut or vadai shape in it..
  • 12. Drop them in hot oil and put the flame to medium.. flip them and cook till turns brown color.. strain them out and keep them in a colander..
  • 2-3 hours I get
  • 3-4 tsp of coarse flour, if you don
  • flour
  • 2-3 tsp of rava



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