Bengali Style Aaloor Dom.........Dum Aaloo
Flavors Of My Plate
Flavors Of My Plate
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  • 4. Tomato puree
  • 9. Whole Garam Masala
  • to taste
  • 2. Take a heavy bottomed pan. Heat mustard oil on medium heat till smoking hot this will help to reduce its pungency. You can also use vegetable or canola oil. Fry the potatoes till they get a nice golden color. Take out the potatoes and set aside.
  • 3. In the same pan (add more oil if needed) add whole garam masala. Let them crackle, take care not to burn them.
  • 5. Add the onion paste and fry them until the raw smell is gone. Now its time to add the ginger
  • 7. Add the fried baby potatoes and coat them with the masala. Add a cup of water, green chilies and green peas (optional). Let it cook for 5 mins with lid on top.



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