Besan ke Laddu recipe | How to make Besan ka Laddu
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health beauty and food
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  • 2. In a non stick pan or kadhai, dry roast the gram flour for
  • 3. Dry roast it till the raw smell of flour vanishes and the color of flour becomes a bit darker
  • 5. After 10
  • 6. The same pan or kadhai, add ghee and heat it till it melt.
  • 7. Now add the roasted flour to ghee and mix it properly.
  • 8. Roast the flour in ghee for 6
  • 12. You can add almonds and raisins at this stage. Mix properly after adding.
  • 13. Once the mixture becomes a little warmer, add in powdered sugar and cardamom and mix properly. Use your hands for mixing if you want.
  • 14. You will see that the mixture has become thick enough to make laddu.
  • 15. Now make 15
  • 16. I made 18 mini laddus from this mixture.



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