Bread Halwa | Easy Dessert  with Bread
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Babi 's Recipes
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  • 2 mins cooking time
  • 10 mins serves
  • 2 tbsp cashew nuts
  • 1. Cut the bread pieces into cubes .Heat some of the ghee and toss the bread pieces till it browns a bit. ( Be careful not to burn it, Mine got little browned.I trimmed those part and used it )
  • 2. To the toasted pieces add in milk,sugar and mix well.Add in ghee in intervals.
  • 3. When it comes to together as mass switch off.Roast cashew in ghee ,mix with it.
  • 1. You can use any bread type, white
  • 3. You can also toast the bread in the toaster with little ghee and make this.



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