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Pink and Pink
Pink and Pink
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  • 50 so that the taste will be little better.
  • 16 small size idlis approx
  • 3 hours soaking time
  • 4 cups or
  • 2 cups and Idli Rice
  • 3 times Soak with sufficient water for
  • 3-4 hours until the dal becomes soft
  • 1. If you are making brown rice idli batter in more quantity than the mentioned one in the brown rice idli recipe, you need to soak urad dal and feugreek seeds together. Soak brown rice(and idli rice if you are using) separately. Grind the dal and rice separately.
  • 3. It is recommended to store it an air tight container even when you refrigerate it as it gets soared easily.
  • 4. It is good to consumer it within 2 days Otherwise the brown rice idli will be soar.



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