Cauliflower Pizza Crust Low Carb | Cauliflower Chicken Tikka Pizza
Cook like Priya
Cook like Priya
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  • 30 mins Bake time
  • 25 mins Serves
  • 1/2 big cauliflower around 250 gms Egg - 1 (a must, refer notes)
  • 7-8 pieces Chicken tandoori - 10-15 pieces chopped around 150 gms
  • 2. In a pizza pan or cast iron skillet cut parchment paper (a must, refer notes). Once the skillet is lined with parchment transfer the cauliflower mixture to set the base. Pat gently on the mixture to form a dough like base, making sure that the base is evenly spread without gaps. Make sure the edges are little raised or thicker so that they don
  • 3. Now add the pizza toppings, first spread the pizza sauce with a spoon and line the toppings. You can use your favorite toppings I went with capsicum
  • 4. Using a pizza cutter cut pieces and devour
  • 1. Always use only parmesan cheese for making the cauliflower pizza base since parmesan is a hard cheese the base will be soft yet firm and hold together well. I did not add salt to the base since parmesan has salt in it. For toppings you can go with your favorite cheese topping. You will not taste the cauliflower in the base and since cauliflower is tasteless I added oregano flakes in the base as a seasoning. Egg
  • 3. You can mix and match flavors and use your favorite toppings. I used chicken and mushroom but you can make it fully vegetarian too.



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