Chicken Dum Biryani
Shravs Cook Book
Shravs Cook Book
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  • 1. In a heavy bottomed vessel, add washed chicken, GG paste, few mint leaves, few coriander leaves, green chilli pieces, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt,
  • 30 mins and cook till 70% done i.e. the rice grain should just break, it should not be soft or mushy
  • 1. While the rice gets cooked we will proceed with frying onions
  • 3. After putting half of the rice, add half of the fried onions, mint leaves and again put rest of the rice
  • 10 mins and on low flame for 15 mins
  • 6. You can use a tawa after cooking on High flame for 5 mins so that chicken may not get burnt, use it as shown in the pic
  • 30 mins of dum, Wait for just
  • 5 mins and then open the lid
  • 10. Put a spatula in the center of the vessel till its bottom and take out the spatula to check or see if any moisture is left



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