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Chicken Korma Recipe | Villcooking Bengali Food Blog

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  • Cut chicken, onion-crumbs, ginger-paste, garlic-paste, hot spices,
  • saffron, tomato, sour curd, salt, chilli-paste, turmeric-paste and
  • beef into pieces and wash


    Soak the saffron in hot water.
    Put ghee in the pot and fry the hot spices and leave the onion pieces. When the onion is
    fried, fry the spices with ginger-paste, garlic-paste, chilli-paste, turmeric-paste, salt and sour curd
    ; When the spices are fried, leave the meat and keep stirring.
    When water comes out of the meat , cover the mouth of the pot. When the water dries,
    give water again as expected . When the meat is quite cooked, pour saffron in the veg. After boiling a couple of times
    , keep the meat down to keep it tender.


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