Chocolate Cake In Pressure Cooker – How to make Eggless Cooker Cake
Foods And Flavors By Shilpi
Foods And Flavors By Shilpi
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  • 2 small pinch
  • 2 pinches of salt, baking soda and powder.Mix everything well.Now take greased cake tin and pour the batter in it.Put the cake tin in the cooker, cover the cooker with lid.Cook the cake at medium heat for 40 minutes.After 40 minutes switch off the heat and check the cake with toothpick.If it comes out clean it means cake is ready otherwise cook the cake for another 7-8 minutes.If cake is ready take it out and let it cool down completely before taking it out.Once the cake is cold gently take out the sides with the help of knife.Now take a plate and put it over cake tin and make it up side down.Gently tap the pan and take out the cake.Take one more plate and flip the cake once again.Egg less suji Cake is ready.Sprinkle some powdered sugar on it.3.5.3228



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