Diet Dosa
Quick Desserts/FOOD MOOD
Quick Desserts/FOOD MOOD
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  • 2. Now Take another Bowl and add Semolina and yogurt mix them Very well. Add the lentil paste and dry fenugreek leaves powder in to the Semolina mixture.
  • 3. Add some amount of water in the paste to reach the dosa batter consistency. This Dosa batter should not be so in liquid form. It should be little thick so that we can spread the Dosa perfectly on Tawa. Put this mixture aside at least for half and hour.
  • 4. Add Salt and 1 Tbsp of Oil in the mixture.
  • 5. Now place the nonstick Tawa on medium flame. lightly grease the Tawa with oil. and pour the 1
  • 6. Pour desired quantity of oil on the sides of dosa. Cook till the dosa is crisp and golden brown. Spread Aloo masala to the dosa, fold and remove from the tawa.



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