eggless christmas sugar cookies / cut out cookies with royal icing
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  • 1. Take a bowl with all
  • 2. In another bowl add powdered sugar with butter and vanilla essence and mix well till combined
  • 3. Add this creamed mixture to the dry ingredients and form a smooth and soft dough by adding needed milk
  • 4. Now in a clean surface place a parchment paper and above it keep the dough and over it place another paper and roll with a rolling pin
  • 8. When the oven preheats keep this tray to bake for
  • 10. Take a cup of powdered sugar in a cup add cornflour,lemon juice and needed milk and mix to make a flowing thick consistency.
  • 11. Take needed quantities of this icing in separate cups and add the colour you want and mix it
  • 14. When decorating make a very small cut at the tip and decorate according to your imagination,allow to set and serve
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