Eggless Mango Chocolate Entremet
Gayathri's Cook Spot
Gayathri's Cook Spot
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  • 3. The pulp should measure
  • 2. Add it to chopped chocolate
  • 2. Add it to the chopped chocolate
  • 2. On a plate place a paper and grease it generously with butter
  • 4. The syrup will start changing colour
  • 6. Pour it evenly on thew walnuts
  • 11. In a bowl mix together dark chocolate, milk chocolate and butter
  • 13. Add in the praline paste and crushed corn flakes
  • 3. Place a spring form pan with out the base plate on a serving plate and place the plastic sheet tube inside
  • 5. Place it in the centre of the pan
  • 6. Pour some white chocolate mousse on it and freeze for an hour
  • 8. Pour the remaining white chocolate mousse and tap the plate to level it
  • 10. Now add the mango mousse on it
  • 11. Level it with a spatula
  • 12. Now pour the glaze on the mousse
  • 17. Now the entremet is ready to be decorated
  • 4. Now melt



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