Eggless Pav Buns Recipe | Ladi Pav | Pav Bhaji
Cook like Priya
Cook like Priya
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  • 16 medium pav buns
  • 1. Warm the milk in a microwave safe bowl for
  • mix
  • 5 minutes After
  • 5 minutes give a good mix and set aside for another
  • 5. I usually keep the bowl in the oven with the light on (remember the oven must not be on).
  • 7. Line them in a greased 9 inch pan apart with 1" distance between the dough balls.
  • 8. Once all the dough is lined cover with cling film or cloth to proof again for 1 hour I place them in the oven with light on.
  • 9. Once the buns are fully proofed take out the tray, brush them with melted butter
  • 10. Once done remove the baking tray from the oven and place on a cooling rack, let the buns coll down or serve while they are still warm
  • 1. To get perfectly foamy yeast mix, make sure to warm water in a microwave for 20 seconds and tip in the sugar and yeast, set aside to proof for 5 minutes
  • 2. While using milk to proof yeast make sure that the milk has fat (full fat) the fat in the milk helps to activate yeast, you can also proof yeast with water.
  • 3. If you eat eggs I suggest you to brush the buns with egg wash before baking them, this gives a lovely golden color to the rolls but you can always use butter



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