Eggless Vanilla Sponge Cake
suja's culinary corner
suja's culinary corner
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  • 2. Beat the yogurt and sugar together till the sugar gets dissolved and the mixture is smooth.
  • 3. Add the baking powder and the baking soda and keep this mixture aside till small bubbles form in the mixture.
  • 4. Add the vanilla essence and oil to this mixture and mix well.
  • 5. Now add the all purpose flour little by little and keep mixing till you get a creamy dough.You can use cut and fold method but avoid over beating mixture as it takes away the aeration in the mixture.
  • 6. Pour the cake mixture in to a greased tin.Make sure the mixture fills half of the cake mould giving enough space for the cake to rise while baking.bake the cake at 200C for 10 mins and at 175 C for 30



  • Jyoti Garg


    👍👍👍😍Amazing cake for beginners like me.😍 😄😄😄

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