Green Chutney Tofu Sandwich | How to make Green Chutney Tofu Sandwich
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  • 3. Green chutney
  • 1. In a pan, brush oil and cook the tofu so that it browns . This will take 2 minutes
  • 1. I am tossing the tofu in oil to remove the excess water so that the sandwich remains soft but not soggy by lunch time.2. Do not add water in green chutney as it will make the sandwich soggy.3. Coating the sandwich with butter is to keep the sandwich intact and of course
  • 4. I have used whole wheat bread, but you can use white bread also. If you are using multigrain bread, then I suggest you toast the bread with butter as the multigrain bread is much thinner and has more moisture than the wheat or white bread.HAPPY COOKING



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