Homemade Cream Cheese Recipe
Full Scoops
Full Scoops
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  • 8. Then add the cheese to a blender and add the
  • 1/4 cup of curd and
  • 2 tbsp of cream
  • 1. The amount of cheese you get depends on the fat content of the milk you use
  • 2. You can use curd
  • 3. If you used curd
  • 4. If using curd to curdle the milk, use
  • 4. If your milk hasn
  • 6. You can use
  • 8. You can use a muslin cloth, or thin kitchen towel, or cheesecloth
  • 9. If you find it difficult to blend the cheese with curd and cream, then add a tsp of the whey water and then blend



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