How to get SOFT IDLIS | How to prepare idli/dosa batter at Home | South Indian Breakfast Batter Preparation( with a small video)


  • 3. when the dal is ground add the soaked rice to it and grind d to fine paste by adding some water.Scrap the sides and grind well. ( see note for another method)
  • 4. When done transfer the batter to a vessel.add salt to it ,mix allow it to ferment for minimum 8 hrs or overnight.(Since the dough may rise and spill out i generally transfer it to two vessels.
  • 5. When fermented grease your idli plate ,pour the batter and steam it.(Small tip)first let the water in the idli vessel boil then pour and steam your idlis same as u preheat the oven and bake.this way the idli texture will be soft.
  • 1. when the urad dal is grounded well you can transfer it to a vessel and grind rice separately,add to it,mix and allow to ferment BUT while doing so MIXING is very important else rice batter will settle down and urad dal batter will be in top.This way ad u make idli first with the top batter it will be soft and as the batter empties u will have little hard idlis.TO avoid it i add rice to the urad dal and mix well in grinder itself.Try this way and u will get soft idli till the last batter too.



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