How to make French Fries at home, French Fries Recipe on Stove Top, Tawa, Without Deep Frying, Without Oven
Pink and Pink
Pink and Pink
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  • 2. Cut the potato into thin and long slices and keep each slice in water as soon as you cut.
  • 6. Cook in medium flame till the potato becomes soft but not mushy. The potato should not become mushy as you cook for poriyal and other dishes. When you insert a knife, you should be able to cut the slice with a knife but not very easily. In the next step, we are just going to toast the outer side of the slices. So, cook till how much you want to cook the inner side of the potatoes. The inner side will not get cooked further. You might have already tasted french fries outside. Get it cooked to that consistency. Switch off the stove. Drain excess water immediately. Run the slices under cold water. Keep it in colander to allow the excess water to get drained completely. Toss a little bit. You can keep the slices under a fan for few minutes to remove the moisture.
  • 8. Take a teaspoon of oil and grease your palm and fingers. Coat the potato slices with that oil.
  • 3. Cook the potatoes as mentioned in the instructions. Under



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