Jowar Rotla -Gluten Free Flat Bread
my food for the soul
my food for the soul
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  • 15 minutes Cook Time
  • 15 minutes Total Time
  • 2 cups of water. (Water must be boiling hot) Take half the flour and add hot water into the dough little by little and using a spatula keep incorporating flour and hot water to form a soft dough. Repeat this step with the other part of the flour. Leave it for about 5 minutes so that you can handle the flour (don’t let to become cold). After 5 minutes knead the dough nicely until it is soft and non-sticky. Sprinkle little hot water if required. The final dough should be soft and non-sticky. Kneading well is very important part of making this roti else they will break while rolling. Make small orange sized balls. In the authentic old fashion way, these balls are dusted and later patted with palm to make big thin roti’s. This method requires lots of practice. So for the beginners, easy method is rolling the dough using a rolling pin. Take a large piece of wax or parchment paper fold in half now dust one side of the paper with dry jowar flour place flatten ball and dust again with dry flour folder over the other side of paper and press lightly and start rolling gently. In between rolling keep dusting if necessary until reached desired size. Be careful not to put pressure else it may break. Heat a tawa. Once tawa is hot open up wax paper and slowly take rolled roti out by placing one hand on the jowar roti and the other hand holding the wax paper and turn over and put it on the hot Tawa. Cook for 30 seconds Next, with a small clean muslin cloth apply a thin layer of water on the upper surface of the roti. Let the roti remain so till water evaporates and you can observe small bubbles. At this stage, flip it and cook for a minute. Then press edges lightly with a soft dry cloth so that roti inflates. This also ensures equal cooking. Next flip the roti and put on direct flame if using gas stove otherwise use a wire rack as we do for roti. Roti puffs up quickly flip using tongs and cook other side for few seconds. Remove from flame. Brush it with ghee/butter if you wish. Continue the same process with the remaining dough. Notes



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