Kala Chana - Ashtami Prasad, How to make North Indian style Dry Kala Chana Recipe
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Homemade Recipes
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  • 2. On next day, chana comes double in size.
  • 3. In a pressure cooker add chana (use the same water which you soak it, if it is clean drinking water otherwise strain it, I have used clean water..so I am using the same one with along more water. Add salt, mix and close the lid.
  • 5. For that spoon out some chana and press them between your fingers. If they mash up easily without pressing too hard
  • 6. In a pan heat oil, add cumin seeds and
  • 8. Your dried kala chana is ready.
  • 9. Serve hot with Poori or suji halwa or paratha..I can eat alone or mix with sooji halwa, yumm



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