Know how-Perfect chapathi/roti/poori and phulka | how to make soft chapatis /phulkas
Cook click n devour!!!
Cook click n devour!!!
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  • 1. For chapathis the rolling should be in such a way that i is a bit thicker in the middle and thinner in the corners.You can roll as a circle,apply ghee and fold or just a circle without any ghee.It depends on your choice.
  • 2. For phulka roll into comparatively thin circle than chapathi
  • 2. Place the rolled chapati on the tava and let it cook on one side till light brown spots appear.Then flip and cook from the other side.
  • 4. For phulka,first place the rolled dough on the tava.Let it get cooked for 20 seconds.Do not wait for brown spots,keep the other burner of the stove on,and with tongs place the non cooked side directly on the flame.It will puff up now and once cooked remove from flame.Usually phulka is eaten dry without any fat like ghee.Keep closed until serving to retain the softness.
  • 1. If your chapathis turn very dry and patchy it means you have used excess flour for dusting.
  • 1. After sliding the poori in oil,press it once gently as it helps in puffing.
  • 2. If you rest the dough for long time,pooris will absorb excess oil and turn soggy.



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