Know how-Perfect gravies
Cook click n devour!!!
Cook click n devour!!!
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  • 2. Cook the pureed tomatoes with little salt and sugar to speed the cooking and also to enhance color
  • 4. In general adding sugar helps in retaining the natural and vibrant color of any ingredient while cooking
  • 5. You can add a small piece of cooked carrot along with tomatoes for more flavor,color and nutrition
  • 6. Add a pinch of turmeric powder for deep flavor
  • 2. Cook toor dal with little turmeric and salt for faster cooking and bright color
  • 3. If dal is not mushy enough,blend it for a minute and heat with little water
  • 6. Add some coriander powder to increase flavor and texture
  • 7. In any gravy that calls for moong dal,cook dal with little asafoetida to avoid the strong smell of moong dal
  • 3. Add a pinch of salt to coconut while grinding for a smooth paste and use warm water for uniform grinding
  • 1. If you are out of fresh cream to top the gravy mix
  • milk
  • 2. Cook in low to medium flame to retain deep flavor
  • 3. For any gravy varieties if possible use vegetable stock for cooking to increase flavor
  • 4. Using freshly pound pepper,cumin,coriander,chilli flakes,ginger garlic definitely takes finished dish one step high
  • 5. The short plump variety dried red chillies are hot and long varity is of medium
  • 1/4 cup cold water/milk
  • 1/4 milk ground to paste



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