Know how-pulao and biriyanis
Cook click n devour!!!
Cook click n devour!!!
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  • 1. Before using wash the rice only once or twice
  • 2. After washing soak the rice in water atleast for
  • 4. Then cook the rice according to your recipe
  • 2. For any pulao you can substitute water with tomato juice
  • 3. Once you saute the veggies and masala for pulao,add the drained rice and fry at low flame for at least
  • 5. After sauteing the rice,add the water,salt and let it boil
  • 6. I generally cook my pulao for
  • 7. Once the pressure is released,open the cooker,do not mix yet,after
  • 3. Now keep a thick cast iron tava on the stove and heat over low flame
  • 1. Cook and cool the rice thoroughly before making the variety rice
  • 3. Spread the cooked rice,add



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