Malpua -Sweet Indian Pancakes
Swati's Kitchen
Swati's Kitchen
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  • 1 cup water and add the remaining 1.5 cup sugar in it. Allow the mix to bubble and reduce the flame. Dip a spatula in the liquid and pick a drop of sugar syrup on your forefinger carefully to check it's thickness. Touch your finger to the thumb. The syrup is ready when it gets stuck onto your thumb with just one thread (ek taar). If the syrup is thicker, add water allow it to boil and turn off the heat. Add a pinch of cardamom powder to the sugar syrup.Step 4In a flat non stick vessel heat enough ghee to deep fry. When the ghee is heated through, reduce the flame and pour a ladle ful of batter and deep fry it. You an keep a steel ring in the pan for the malpuas to come out perfectly round. Fry the malpuas to golden brown on both sides and remove on a tissue to drain off the excess ghee.Step 5Immerse the fried malpuas in warm sugar syrup.Step 6Garnish with almonds before serving.



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