Mango Jam | Step wise recipe for mango jam (No pectin, preservatives, artificial colour)
Cook like Priya
Cook like Priya
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  • 2. Once the sugar dissolves and starts to bubble up, reduce the flame to low
  • 4. As the mixture cooks further you will find the mangoes partly mashed and it thicken
  • 2. You can spice up your jam with saffron, cardamom or spices too and do your own twist to it. I made this plain and it tastes heavenly.
  • 4. You could also add pineapple and make a mango pineapple jam with this recipe. Use 2
  • 6. The colour of the mango jam is natural, alphonso mangoes are naturally vibrant. If you use any other mango variety the colour might slightly vary.



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