Microwave Mysore Pak Recipe| Easy Diwali Sweets For Beginners
Tomato Blues
Tomato Blues
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  • 2. You have a little one who almost always decides that the right time to wail is when you want to catch some shut eye. 3. You have your hands full with cleaning the house or whatever that needs some cleaning. 4. You dont have the time for whatever reason ( ahem......) or 5. You are lazy but you dont want to look like a duffer when your neighbors dole out generous helpings of diwali goodies.
  • 1 at the moment and without a shred of guilt at that
  • 10 mins in the microwave.)
  • 3 mins 30 secs ( see notes)
  • 2 c powdered
  • 3. The highest power setting on my microwave is
  • 4. In case you are looking to make some authentic mysore pak this Diwali, then click here for the recipe



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