Multani Mitti For Flawless Skin
Mugdha Says
Mugdha Says
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  • 1. It removes the dead cells and impurities
  • 2. The masks of the fuller
  • 3. Most users of Multani Mitti have oily skin
  • 4. The massage of the earth also improves blood circulation, as one have to gently massage, their face and nearby area while applying it
  • 6. It also acts as a wonderful sun screen, reduces sun tan and pigmentation
  • 7. As a scrub, Multani Mitti removes blackheads and whiteheads completely
  • 1. Add Multani mitti with ground almonds and glycerin soap and use this mixture to scrub your face.
  • 2. Add one spoon of curd and equal amount of Multani mitti. Mix it well and apply it on the face for 20 minutes to achieve a toned skin.
  • 3. You can reduce scar marks by applying the paste of one spoon of carrot pulp mixed with some Multani mitti and
  • 6. Add neem paste, ground clove powder and camphor with multani mitti. Add rose water to make a smooth paste and use it weekly to reduce pimple marks off your skin.



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