Mutton Biryani Recipe
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  • Ingredients of Mutton BiryaniFor the rice:1 Star anise500 Gram Basmati rice, blanched2 Bay leaves2 Black cardamom2 tsp Black cumin seeds6 Black peppercorn6 Green cardamom2 Cinnamon sticks6 Cloves1 tsp Fennel1/4 Jaiphal1 Javitri3 tsp SaltFor mutton marination:1 Kg Mutton (cut in 2 inches pieces, preferably front leg part and avoid shoulder cut)1 Tbsp Garam masala1 Tbsp Garlic paste1 Tbsp Ginger paste3 Tbsp Raw papaya paste4 Tbsp Hung curd1 Lemon (juiced) Coriander powder Cumin powder1 Tbsp Red chilli powder1 tsp SaltOther ingredients:4 Onions, sliced2 Tomatoes, chopped1/4 Cup Milk (warm) Ghee Saffron strands Oil Rose water Kewra essence 4 green chillies



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