mysore masala dosa recipe | mysore masala dose recipe
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  • 10 hours Cook time
  • 30 mins Total time
  • 30 mins masala dosa recipe
  • 9-10 servings Ingredients
  • 3 cup raw rice
  • 1 cup urad dal fistful kadle bele / chana dal fistful togari bele / toor dal ½ tsp methi seeds 1 cup poha / thin beaten rice 1 tsp sugar 1 tsp salt 2 tsp rava Instructions preparing the dosa batter: rinse the rice and urad dal separately first. soak the regular rice, chana dal, toor dal bowl or pan. in another bowl soak the urad dal-methi in enough water soak the poha or flattened rice in one third cup of water for at least half an hour before grinding the dosa batter. grind the urad dal to a fine and fluffy batter. grind the rice with methi, chana dal, toor dal and poha to a smooth batter. mix both the rice and urad dal batter and give a proper mix cover and let the batter ferment for 8-9 hours preparing potato masala potato masala recipe preparing red chutney red chutney recipe preparing the masala dosa: take required batter in a small bowl. and now add salt, sugar and rava to the batter and mix well. heat a flat pan or a flat non-stick pan. smear some oil if using an cast iron pan or griddle. don't smear oil on a non stick pan, as then you won't be able to spread the dosa batter. sprinkle some water on top of pan. wipe the pan with a wet cloth. spread the dosa batter in a circular way on the pan. add some oil on top of the dosa once the dosa is half cooked, spread the red chutney on top of the dosa spread the potato sabzi filling on one side of the dosa. sover with the other half and let the dosa cook for 15-30 seconds serve masala dosa hot with coconut chutney and sambar 3.5.3208
  • 15-30 seconds serve masala dosa hot with coconut chutney and sambar



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