Paper Roast Dosai | How to make Crispy Dosa at Home | Tips and Tricks to make Wafer thin Dosa | Gluten Free Recipe | Breakfast Recipes by Masterchefmom


  • 6-8 hours ( fermentation time)
  • 3-4 minutes per dosai
  • 250 ml cup
  • water ( adjust)
  • 2 tablespoons sesame oil
  • 1 teaspoon ghee
  • 1. The dosa batter should be in room temperature when you are making the dosa.
  • 2. The dosa batter should not be too thin or too thick. Dilute it with little water after trying out the first dosai.
  • 3. Always make a small dosai as your first dosai. This way, it will be easy to flip and remove the dosai and also you can adjust the water quantity according to the texture.
  • 4. Before you start to make make dosai, heat the tawa and spread sesame oil using a tissue paper.
  • 8. Spread the dosa batter thinly and drizzle oil on the sides.
  • 14. You can mix ghee and sesame oil before you start making the dosai and use it to drizzle on dosai for the extra taste factor.
  • 16. The tawa should be hot when you pour the batter over it. This gives a good colour to your dosai.



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