Paruppu Urundai Kulambu | Urundai Kulambu Recipe | South Indian Lentil Kofta Curry
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  • 3. Then chop the small onion and curry leaves into fine pieces
  • 4. Then add the coarsely grounded dal mixture and mix well in medium flame. Make sure it should not be more moisture. let wait the mixture is cool. After that make balls out of this mixture. Urundai (koftha) is ready.
  • 5. Then take a big vessel and pour the sambar(gravy) mixture and bring them into a nice boil. Keep the mixture in a medium flame. Put the one ball(urundai
  • 6. Cook the balls(Urundai
  • 7. When all the balls(urundai
  • 1. While making balls (urundai
  • 2. Then balls should not be made more tightly nor too loosely.
  • 3. When you stream cook the balls it will not sucks the gravy. So cooking the balls inside the gravy is tasty .
  • 4. While cooking the balls put one ball at a time and then add another one after few more seconds. If you put all at a time, the balls will broken. so this step is very important.
  • 6. While grinding dal you can add 1 tsp of fennel seeds for more flaovurable urundai (kofthas)



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