Pulao Recipe Video – Vegetable Pulao Recipe in Pan
Foods And Flavors By Shilpi
Foods And Flavors By Shilpi
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  • 2 Green chilli
  • 3 cut in big pieces
  • ½ cup of oil and heat it.Once oil is hot add chopped potatoes and cook till they are golden brown.Take them out in a plate.In the same oil add cauliflower and cook till cauliflower is golden brown.Take them out in the same plate.In the same oil add carrots and beans.Let them turn golden brown.Transfer them in a same plate.Now take out some oil and leave about ¼ cup of oil in kadai.To this add cumin seeds, whole spices and let them sizzle.Now add sliced onions, green chilli, and saute them and let them turn golden brown.In between add ginger garlic and cook it along with onions.Once onions are nicely roasted add turmeric powder, coriander, chilli and garam masala powder.Mix them for 30 seconds and add yogurt.Mix it well and add fried veggies and salt.Mix them and cook for 1-2 minutes.Now add strained rice and saute it gently with veggie mixture for 2-3 minutes.After 2 minutes add 3½ cups of water, mix well and check the salt.Adjust if needed.Now take one boil.As soon as the boil comes reduce the flame to lowest, cover the pan and cook the rice for 10 minutes.After 10 minutes mix the rice gently , cover and cook for 8 minutes.After 8 minutes gently fluff the rice, add 2 tbsp of ghee.Cover the pan ad cook it again for 2 more minutes.After 2 minutes open the pan, gently fluff the rice and switch off the heat.Vegetable pulao is ready to serve.Serve veg pulao with chutney and raita.3.5.3228



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