Samosa Rolls – samosa Recipe Video in Hindi – Tea time Snacks Recipes in Hindi
Foods And Flavors By Shilpi
Foods And Flavors By Shilpi
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  • 10 stick
  • 4 medium size
  • 2-3 For making dough
  • Water
  • 20 minutes take out the dough and knead it once again.Take half of the dough and roll it to a ball.Pat it little bit.Roll it to a thin and big circle with the help of rolling pin.Use dry flour for dusting if needed.On the rolled chapati put some oil and spread it with the help od spoon.Sprinkle some dry flour on top and fold it in half.Again spread some oil on the upper part and sprinkle some flour.Fold it again and make a triangle shape as shown in video.cut this triangle in three equal pieces.Take one piece and roll it thin and long triangle.Now take some stuffing and make a small roll of it.Put this roll on the wide side of triangle.Cover it properly and roll it to a thin roll.In the same way make all the rolls.Now heat the oil at medium high flame.Deep fry these samosa sticks or rolls till they are golden brown and crisp.Take them out. Serve it with spicy chutney.3.5.3228Samosa Rolls recipe video in Hindi



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