The Taste of Puerto Rico
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  • 164 feet to the falls
  • 1,640 feet Along the way, the hiker is treated to spectacular views of the diversity and magnificence of this ecosystem that was declared a United Nations Biosphere Reserve in the 1970
  • 492 feet up
  • 2,132 feet The trail has several sets of concrete stairs that can be slippery and somewhat arduous, but you will soon forget any difficulties encountered along the trail when you find yourself immersed amid the lush tropical trees, red bromeliads, pink impatiens and numerous still pools and tiny cascades of La Mina
  • 20 miles off the northeast coast of Puerto Rico has fabulous white sandy beaches teeming with amazing sea life. The SS TOBIAS will take you to the clearest, warm snorkeling waters of Culebra where it



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