Veggie pizza/ pizza dough

Veggie pizza/ pizza dough

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  • Pizza Dough
  • All purpose flour- 4 1/2 Cup
  • Salt- 3/4 tsp
  • Instant yeast- 1tsp
  • Olive oil-1/4 cup
  • Water- 1 3/4 cup
  • Sugar- 1tbsp
  • pizza sauce- 2-3table spoon
  • Pizza toppings
  • Mozzerala cheese - as per requirement
  • pineapple sliced - 1cup
  • corn - 1cup
  • bell peppers (red,yellow,green) -1cup
  • olives(black n green) -1cup


    1:-In mixing bowl add luke warm water add instant yeast n sugar let it rest for 10mints till it to activate.

    2:-After 10mints add seive flour salt (dont add all flour at once,add little mix n again add little n mix continue till it bcm sticky dough )n olive oil..mix well with the help of spoon or with electric mixer on medium speed in order to form a sticky ball of dough n till the dough should clear the sides of the bowl(use dough hook in electric mixer) ..

    3:-On a clean surface,sprinkle some flour n knead for about 10mints, until the dough is smooth ..( if it is too sticky add a little flour not too much though) (if it is too dry add 1 or tea spoon extra oil n knead again.. gently roll the dough in to a ball

    4:-Close the bowl with plastic wrapper or damp cloth n let it rest for 2 hours...

    5:-After 2 hours the dough will be doubled in size.. apply oil to hand n punch it down .. cut it ( 4equal size for pizza crust or 2 equal size for pan/medium pizza)

    6:-After cutting roll it in to round shape.. take a baking tray in which u gng to bake pizza.. u can use baking sheet or u can bake directly in pizza tray.. sprinkle oil n flour on tray/ sheet.. roll the pizza in to the size n shape of a tray.. after rolling prick it all over through fork.. n let it rest dough in the tray for 1 hour(cover it)..

    After 1 hour uncover it n apply pizza sauce ,cheese,fav toppings (olives,pineapple,3 colour bell peppers,corn),more cheese n oregano powder ..

    Bake it 200°C for 20-25mints..

    7:-if u r preparing for later or few days later wrap the pizza dough with plastic wrapper n keep this in zipper lock bag in freezer n than use it later ... when u r ready to prepare pizza remove the dough 2hours before n let it be till it comes to room temperature after that follow 6th step (u can keep this dough for 3months in freezer in a zipper lock bag/air tight container)

    Oven time varies


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