Whole Wheat Flour IDLI | How to make Whole Wheat Flour Idli | No Soda |Healthy Recipe | Stepwise Pictures
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  • 8 small idlis
  • 2. In a vessel
  • 3. Add the ground urad
  • 4. After 8 hours, the batter would have more than doubled. Using a ladle, mix the batter.
  • 3. The doubling of the batter is the indication that you are on the right track towards soft fluffy Idlis.
  • 4. If the batter does not rise due to climatic conditions, then rest it longer. Rest the batter in a warm place, maybe on top of your refrigerator .
  • 5. You can add a tsp of oil in the batter before you steam them. This enhances the taste.
  • 7. You can double the recipe if you are cooking for a larger number.
  • 8. For beginners, always try with small quantities.
  • 9. For instant cooling of the Idli moulds, show the back of the moulds under running water carefully making sure not to wet the Idlis.



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