Goan ambot tik fish fry masala recipes

Simple Thali  / Boshi # 5

Simple Thali / Boshi # 5

Thali / Boshi , Thali in English plate , Boshi in Konkani, are served with different dish in one platter, well today share goan seafood thali / boshi with catfish / sangot well all must know what is catfish, and songot is catfish in konkani, so I prepare Catfish Curry / Songot AmbotTik , ambottik we call for curry, hence it mean Ambot mean tangy and Tik mean spicy
Shark Ambotik - A Goan Delicacy

Shark Ambotik - A Goan Delicacy

This dish is best enjoyed with steaming rice and a Goanfishfry to go with it. Add pieces of shark to the masala and mix them up, add some water till the pieces of fish are submerged

Ambot Tik Recipe

•Wash the fish to get rid of foreign particle and then cut it into desired pieces. Now, add grinded masala in it and fry for a few seconds