Katlama recipes

Lahori katlama

Lahori katlama

Ingredients for paste to apply on katlama. Lahori katlama. Ingredients. Flour 2 cups heaped. Oil ΒΌ cup. Salt 1 tsp

Keema katlama

1) Add sifted flour to warm salted water. Knead dough and let stand 10-15 minutes. 2) While dough is setting, Put oil in a pan and add ground beef and stir
Sheermal  - A sweet Kashmiri Bread

Sheermal - A sweet Kashmiri Bread

Out of the many, most sought out are the Katlamas, Sheermal, Baqerkani, Lavas, Tsot and Tsotchovru. We are finally on the top today

Shier Chay

\'Katlama\', are made from sifted flour (H-\'Maida\') with \'Ghi\' rubbed in, while kneading by hand, and are baked like patties having many crisp, layers
Katlama (Pakistani flat bread)

Katlama (Pakistani flat bread)

Katlama ( Pakistani flat bread). Katlama is. but it tastes awesome , katlama. Katlama ( Pakistani flat bread)


Dough. take a bowl add flour, oil, yogurt, very little salt and add water slowly to knead and leave for 5 min COATING

Lahori Katlama

Lahori katlama is ready to serve. Sift flour in a bowl. Add in salt, oil and water as required. Knead to form smooth dough