Pindi chana masala recipe hindi recipes

Aloo Bhatura Recipes

Serve with masalachana or pindichana or matar choley, chutney or pickle. Aloo Bhatura Recipe Video in Hindi

Andhra Bhojanam

)The combination of all these dry ingredients is an aromatic spice mix called the avalu pindi in Telugu, which means mustard powder

Punjabi Thali

So here is the MenuGobi Paranthas (Indian bread stuffed with spiced cauliflower)PindiChana (Chick Peas cooked with onion-tomato sauce and a special touch of Indian spices)Jeera Mutter Pulao (Basmati rice cooked along with peas, cumin and spices)Paneer Mutter Malai ( Home made Indian cheese cubes cooked in cashew-milk cream sauce)Halwa(Sweet delicacy made of semolina, wheat flour, clarified butter, milk and sugar)Kakdi-piyaz da raita (Cucumber-onion mixed with yogurt and seasoned with spice)Lassi Patiala (Chilled butter milk pampered with Indian spices)Achar (Punjabi pickle)Punjabi Papad (Dried Lentil chips)I enjoyed making this Punjabi Thali a lot because we go to restaurants craving for such food